Home for those collections of things you did not know you needed

At the core of it our brand is a melting pot of ideas for your daily needs and wants.

An inspiration for that corner of your house you have no idea what to do with or doubt anyone will even notice.

A table centerpiece for that last-minute dinner date or gathering you just have to get done in under 2 hours.

An additional step in your nighttime beauty routine.

Or even a gift to those nearest and dearest.

Anything that puts a smile on your face and make you feel good.

Our Philosophy

We strongly believe in the basic philosophy that everything starts from home. It’s anybody’s sacred ground, a place where we store our most precious possessions and the one place where we can truly be who we are. Our surrounding should always be a reflection of the journey we take and the thing we learn along the way. As such, when decorating such a personal space, we deserve things that not only look good but has a soul, a story and most importantly some sense of purpose.

Today we partner with local and international artisans, blending our modern ideas and touch with their time-tested techniques. We strive to establish sustainable relationships with our artisans that goes beyond the standard mutual relationship but rather, a personal and more hands-on approach to producing things.

Here at Blanc et Whimsy we promise to bring you handmade goods that are crafted by the best sourced materials, at a reasonable price and with a standout quality which will earn the recognition of anyone who shares the same value and has an eye for all things unique and beautiful.

Artisan Partners

We dream of making a brand which celebrates the people who work tirelessly behind our products. Our brand is a reflection of these collective individuals – artisans, designers, and who craft our collections. This space is our way of sharing these stories and products to you the best way we know how.